Pregnancy Walking Workout

Posted Dec 06, 2011 at 08:39 PM in Fitness

Doctors recommend that women do an exercise program during pregnancy. This article from Fit Pregnancy, recommended by Physical Therapist Toni Boguslawski, has come up with a walking program that is a suitable for women of every fitness level. Walking can be done anywhere and is easy to fit into the daily schedule. Another benefit of walking is that it is a simple low-impact workout. Walking allows for easy assessment of exertion and its ok to shorten or lengthen the walk based on that assessment. The other good thing about a walking exercise program is that there are no gym fees or other costs. So grab your walking shoes and get out there!


To read the full article and workout program click here!


Recommended by Physical Therapist Toni Boguslawski, check out her profile!

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